Last Date: Monday, 11 April 2022 10:00 - 15:00

Venue: Penélope Vallejo Studio




JEFF SHAPIRO, Born the Bronx NY, USA 1949

Jeff Shapiro left the USA  for Japan where he spent 9 years studying at various potteries. He studied at the kiln site of Takatori Seizan, a well respected maker of tea ware in Kyushu. He was inspired by a meeting with Isezaki Jun in Bizen who became his mentor. After that he was sponsored to build a house, studio, and kiln on the Japan Sea Coast.

He gained much experience of history, process and technique making him more aware of, ‘the beauty in nature’, an aesthetic. This was very different to a western way of seeing.

Since returning to the USA in 1981 he has been a pioneer in wood fire pottery. This journey continued, experimenting with organic clay bodies, wood fired kiln design, firing cycles as well as developing his own language through ceramic form.

The respect and love for Japanese aesthetic has remained pivotal throughout Jeff’s career with much focus given to beauty in imperfection. His work is respected and celebrated Internationally, and can be found in many galleries and collections. 

With over forty years of experience Jeff’s passion, commitment and knowledge is something he enjoys sharing through demonstrations and story telling.





The workshop will  concentrate on different styles and techniques of making food vessels, considering both functional and aesthetic conditions.  

We will concentrate on soft, spontaneous coiling, hump mold processes and wheel throwing using foot wedged clay body that the participants will prepare themselves.


 foot wedging eng


There will be a discussion about Shapiro’s work and an approach to creating, encouraging participants to try the various techniques that he has developed. 

We will talk about the concept that pieces shouldn’t all be the same, like with guinomi sake cups, each piece should have just the right amount of character to compliment the food.


character eng 2



There will be time for individual critique or discussion. We will see the possibility of creating new shapes and techniques for each plate, bowl, dish to complete a dinner.


On the last day, participants will bring finished work to use in a food vessel demo with Hinako Shapiro. We will all bring cooked dishes to share and to practise our culinary presentations.


presentacio eng



Saturday 9th: 10-13.30h and 15.30-18h

Orientation meeting: food-vessel concept

Discussion about clay materials and foot wedging

Demos: slabs, over hump molds and thrown forms

Sunday 10th: 10-13.30h and 15.30-18h

Demos: slabs, over hump molds and thrown forms


Monday 11th:10-14h

Finish up work and discussion. Critique with participants.

Lunch presentation into the food/vessel that students have brought to the workshop


9-10-11 APRIL '22
Jeff Shapiro




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Event: From Saturday, 09 April 2022 10:00 to Monday, 11 April 2022 15:00
Monday, Saturday & Sunday

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